Serial entrepreneur, Amazon expert & educator, author

Adam has built several multi-million-dollar companies in Australia & the USA. Today he is most widely known as an Amazon expert, who has coached sellers in over 40 countries.

His book “Primed: Your Guide to Building a Thriving Amazon Business”, went #1 on Amazon in 6 countries. He has featured widely on US media & has spoken at the UN in New York. Adam’s companies support several charities, from interest-free microloans to 3rd world entrepreneurs, to funding eye examinations in Indonesia.

His company, Reliable Education, recently partnered with the Mandela Legacy Foundation & the Egyptian Government to provide free Amazon training to Arab & African Youth, donating $1,000,000 worth of scholarships.

With fresh insights, tips & tools, Adam will share his expertise on:

  • How to stop trading your time for money.
  • Geo freedom – be anywhere in the world & have an online income stream
  • Tapping into the largest consumer market in the world
  • How to generate reliable & consistent income over the long-term