International Trainer & Speaker, President & Founder of Ignite Promotions & DoMore

Melanie has trained from stage all over the world, inspiring growth and leadership. Her style is fun, interactive, direct & no B.S. Her strength is real world implementation strategies.

She started her first of several successful businesses right out of college; creating residual income through business, systems, sales, teamwork and leadership! Through her personal experience she shares and educates with passion and energy.

Melanie created financial independence through business at the age of 26 and has been living a life of freedom and choice ever since, following passions and building an empire through service to others.

"All business revolves around solving problems for people and, as a serial Entrepreneur and business woman, having a heart to help others is key to not just success but feeling fulfilled and on purpose. How well you do what you do and how well you market who you are will determine the demand for you and your services."